Facts About Identity Theft

Here are some alarming facts about identity theftIdentity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United Kingdom and America. During the year 2007, Consumer Sentinel, a complaint database managed by the Federal Trade Commission, registered more than 800,000 consumer fraud and identity theft complaints, in the U.S. alone.

Here’s another fact about identity theft. During 2010, over 70 million identities were lost due to the corporate mishandling of personal information, which has led to over $1 billion in reported losses! The sad thing is that this problem is increasing and spreading across the globe.

More Facts About Identity Theft

Many consumers are misinformed about what identity theft is. The statistics show that only 28% of identity theft cases involve financial or credit fraud.  Identity thieves are using your personal information in more creative ways than ever before, as the graph to the left shows.

Phone and utilities fraud, bank fraud, employment fraud, loan fraud, and a segment called, “other”, which, includes insurance fraud, all outweigh what is thought to be the most common form of identity theft.

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