Identity Theft Protection

Requesting your credit report yearly and noticing unusual activity is one small way to protect yourself from identity theft, but obviously it’s not enough to save you. There is another viable solution that not only helps to restore your identity, but that provides a Service Guarantee of your protection against an identity breach. That identity theft protection solution is LIFELOCK. (Please view video below.)

You don’t have to be wealthy or extremely rich to be a target for an identity thief. Identity theft strikes regardless of race, sex, age or economic background. While an identity thief can assume your identity in just a couple of hours, it can take you many months to restore your credit and your identity back to the standing that it was, prior to it being stolen. Experts estimate that a typical victim will lose, on average, $1,000 to $1,600 in out-of-pocket expenses, and take up to 600 hours contacting the appropriate institutions and agencies, reporting the fraud, getting credit repair, and attempting to reverse the damage caused by the crime.

Simply the Best Identity Theft Protection

If you have LIFELOCK before your identity is stolen, you can make a single call and let the experts do all the work for you, which saves you time and money! The monitoring that this product provides allows you to take a proactive approach. In fact, early detection of suspicious activity is one of the most powerful tools the Identity Theft Shield offers for protecting your credit standing and your good name.

LIFELOCK is available to individuals or families as a whole for a low monthly fee. This product provides a up-to-date credit report and credit score at no additional cost. In addition, the list below specify a few of the ways the Identity Theft Shield, the best identity theft protection service available, can save you time and money,
while giving you a sense of security, and peace of mind:

* Reduce out-of-pocket expenses and time spent away from work and your family

* Licensed Investigators will work in your behalf to help correct identity theft issues you have with affected agencies and the proper institutions, including:

– Credit Card Companies

– Financial Institutions

– All three credit repositories

– The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

– The Social Security Administrations

– The Department of Motor Vehicles

– The United States Postal Service

– The Law Enforcement Personnel… amongst other organizations that may be affected

* Fraud alert notifications are sent to all three credit repositories, the Social Security Administration, the FTC, the U.S. Postal Service and affected credit card companies and financial institutions.

* Proactive searches of applicable local and national database are made to track down suspicious information, including:

– Criminal activity in your name with your county’s records and certain watch lists.

– Department of Motor Vehicle records in your state

– Unknown addresses affiliated with your name

– Your banking activity reported as fraudulent

Identity Theft continues to be a national crisis and is here to stay. Everyone is at risk! The good news is you don’t have to be a victim of this monstrous crime…..You Can Fight Back! Get ready, be prepared, and get proactive by locking your identity with LIFELOCK,  the best identity theft protection service on the market. You will regret it if you don’t!